Calasanz Updates:

The Calasanz System Posted November 15th, 2017 Training at Calasanz Fitness Center

The Calasanz System is a compilation of many different styles of martial arts such as Karate, Kung-fu, American boxing, Kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA)

To know the best of Calasanz, how he created and founded some of the best techniques for combat fighting, you must understand the birth of the system, you must understand how he envisioned the system that today is called the "Calasanz System".

The Calasanz System focuses heavily on the best real techniques for dealing with situations on the ground and for striking - the real deal on real martial arts and real fighting. There is a lot to learn when you take the essence of what works on the ground then you find out that stand up fighting, ground, sitting and striking balances out in the Calasanz system - a very effective combination of techniques to equip one for reality while providing balance and confidence.

Uniting Physical Fitness and Mental Relaxation Posted October 15th, 2017

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root word yuj that means union, or balance. With this concept in mind, Calasanz main objective in creating Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga™ was to unite the principles of martial arts and yogic meditation to create a dynamic physical conditioning program that has long been a favorite of his private and group fitness clientele.

Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga™ combines physical fitness exercises and practical martial arts applications, known as bunkai, with the style, grace, and fluidity of yogic stretching techniques and the serenity of meditation.

Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga™ offers:

Self-Defense-You practice a series of movements where you fight an imaginary opponent using the martial art techniques you've learned and delve into their practical self-defense application.

Meditative Movement-You cultivate the principles of yogic meditation and concentration by emptying your mind and confronting your imaginary opponent with slow, deliberate, and invigorating movements.

Training Variety-You will be constantly challenged with new, and exciting movements selected from the katas of karate, kung fu, wing chun and Chinese boxing, as well as the Calasanz System™.

Core Training-You strengthen the stomach, lower back, pelvis and hips, and muscles that surround your spine.

The end result of Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga™ is a balancend physical fitness program, a mental release, and an understanding and working knowledge of the practical application of self-defense techniques.

You can also supplement your training with our Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga™ video practice series, great for travel or home training. Start your physical conditioning in Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga™ by calling Calasanz at 800-414-9544 or visiting our website.

Calasanz Physical Arts for Women - Once upon a time the focus of women's fitness to create beautiful, sculpted bodies. Over the years this changed to one of strength. Men took notice of the impressive results.

Calasanz Physical Arts for Men - A Program with Results - Calasanz Physical Arts has been the cornerstone of Calasanz physical conditioning program and for many men meant the enhancing, continuing or return of their strength and flexibility.

This program offers:
For Everyone-Calasanz Physical Arts is great for men, women, and children's fitness. All can perform these exercises with success.

Overall Body Workout- The exercises are performed with light ankle weights and dumbbells and done on the floor, ballet bar, special platform, or bench. This is holistic fitness training, so in the same exercise you are training strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, and muscle unity. Regular practice relieves stress and increases your over all well being.